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Roadshow Australia 2018

Toscana Promozione Turistica will promote Tuscany in AustraliaAustralian trade buyers A special roadshow with 3 workshops will be the occasion to connect…

12th February 2018 – Sidney (New South Wales) 13th February 2018 – Melbourne (Victoria)   15th February 2018 – Brisbane (Queensland) A special roadshow with 3 workshops will be the occasion to connect Tuscan tourism businesses with Australian trade buyers, according to the main clusters: Art Cities&Towns… (Read more)

 From 2018-02-12  To 2018-02-15

Roadshow USA 2017

Toscana Promozione Turistica will promote Tuscany in the United States of America with a special roadshow with 3 workshops

13th November 2017– Seattle (Washington) 15th November 2017 – Boston (Massachusetts)   16th Novembre 2017 – Atlanta (Georgia) Toscana Promozione Turistica will promote Tuscany in the United States of America A special roadshow with 3 workshops will be the occasion to connect Tuscan tourism businesses with American… (Read more)

 From 2017-11-13  To 2017-11-16

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Tuscany and its wines on www.kulinariker.de by Juergen Sorges

24 Mar 2017

Some interesting articles on our region and its wines, landscapes, culture and typical products written by Juergen Sorges on one of the most important gourmet website in Germany

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Toscana Promozione Turistica & Adventure Travel Trade Association Partner to Introduce the Adventurous Side of Tuscany to Travelers

09 Mar 2017

Incomparable works of art, marvellous landscapes and protected natural areas, a wonderful sea and numerous enchanting small historical hamlets. That’s the Tuscany everyone knows. In a new collaboration…

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The Via Francigena in Tuscany is from today an experience to enjoy online, using Google Maps Street View, thanks to the Google Trekker Loan Program.

04 Mar 2017

Step by step, picture after picture, the project to map the 380 km and the 15 stages of the Via Francigena in Tuscany comes true, through people travelling along the footpaths with a Google Trekker backpack…

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10 challenges for the promotion of tourism in Tuscany

18 Nov 2016

From the creation of increasingly targeted B2B events to bring Tuscany’s tourism sector into contact with international trade, to the development of new “routes” for the promotion of…

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Viareggio Carnival 2017

08 Nov 2016

In 2017 the Carnival Masked Parades will take place on 5th, 12th, 18th, 26th, 28th February along the extraordinary Liberty seaside boulevards.

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The Leaning Tower in Japan - Tokyo

07 Nov 2016

Japan, Tokyo – Tokyo Dome, LaQua, November 10th - Opening of the Alabaster Pisa Tower’s Exhibition. The “Leaning Tower in Alabaster from Volterra”, prestigious scale reproduction…

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Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere!

03 Nov 2016

A special project of storytelling. Every day a story, every day a new unexpected destination and a new reason to visit Tuscany.

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WTE - World Tourism Expo 2017 moves to Siena

11 Oct 2016

The eigth edition of WTE – World Tourism Expo, the important event reserved to the World Heritage sites and cities will be held, for the first time, in Tuscany, in Siena in 2017 in September.

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Via Francigena Entry Point, Lucca. New opened Museum

11 Oct 2016

A new Museum has been opened in Lucca. An intensely immersive virtual experience leads to the discovery of the Via Francigena and the city of Lucca through time and space, tracing the most charming and…

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Pistoia – Italian Capital Culture 2017

11 Oct 2016

Pistoia is a jewel among the Tuscan art cities, famous throughout the world for its history, priceless art treasures and natural beauty. It has been awarded the title of Italian Capital of Culture for…

From the sun-kissed coast to the inland heat through Mediterranean woods
Monteverdi Marittimo
Losing yourself among the monasteries and orchids
Here from the hot springs, frogs, stories, castles and tasty biscuits are born
Civitella Paganico
Middle earth where the water has marked the course of history
Standing 7 metres tall, “The Sailor” is a bronze sculpture that overlooks the sea from the San Vincenzo harbour ~ by Giampaolo Talani
San Vincenzo
The Sailor’s Story
From the val dell’Arno up, reaching the Vallombrosa mountain, through prehistoric and olive-covered hills
A land that’s always beginning and never ending
The old colours of the walled town and, in the background, the grand mountains of the Apennines ~ by Antonio Paolucci
Harmonies of art and nature
3,000 years of history in a territory that’s still wild, heated by geothermal energy and by its people
A treasure in the warm heart of Tuscany

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