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Toscana Promozione is the Economic Promotion Agency of Tuscany, established in 2000 by the local government. Thanks to a network of professional associations, institutions, enterprises, universities and research centers, Toscana Promozione is, today, a concrete platform for overseas enterprises interested in doing business in or with Tuscany.

Toscana Promozione for investors - We support foreign companies willing to locate in Tuscany. Our service is free of charge and strictly confidential. Our experts can help you in doing business in Tuscany by:

- Providing investment opportunities;
- Scouting and groundwork for potential investors;
- Establishing of leads;
- Assisting investors: assessment, contacts, negotiation and after-care services.

Toscana Promozione for buyers - Tuscan products are globally renowned for high quality and innovation. Our Front Office can help you reduce the time, risk and cost involved in doing business with Tuscany by:

- Helping you identify and develop relations with Tuscan suppliers;
- Providing insight on Tuscan economy: agribusiness, fashion and Jewellery, Interior Design, Mechanics and High-Tech, Tourism;
- Facilitating contacts with Tuscan businesses at international exhibitions, buyer missions and B2B meetings.

If you are a Foreing  buyer interested in importing Tuscan products, please visit 'Buy from Tuscany' page.

If you are a company interested in establishing and building your business in Tuscany, please visit  'Invest in Tuscany' page.

Toscana Promozione