Toscana Promozione Turistica & Adventure Travel Trade Association Partner to Introduce the Adventurous Side of Tuscany to Travelers

Incomparable works of art, marvellous landscapes and protected natural areas, a wonderful sea and numerous enchanting small historical hamlets. That’s the Tuscany everyone knows. In a new collaboration between Toscana Promozione Turistica and the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), travelers worldwide will soon discover another side of one Italy’s most famous tourist destinations: the adventurous side

The Tuscany Regional Government Agency, which is responsible for promoting tourism, and the ATTA, the global leader in responsible adventure tourism development, established a two-year working agreement to help Tuscany to enhance and dimensionalize its world-class tourism brand by helping trade and consumers to discover a deeper, adventurous side of the region. One of the primary activities of collaboration between Toscana Promozione Turistica and ATTA in 2017 will be to introduce AdventureWeek-Tuscany in September 2017. AdventureWeek is a specialized trade program designed to bring “A-list” international outbound tour operators, agents and travel journalists to Tuscany for an intensive familiarization (FAM) journey to experience cultural and nature-based adventures. Additionally, during the FAM, marketplace activities will be held in the region to connect the visiting buyers, agents and journalists with local suppliers. «Tuscany - explained Alberto Peruzzini, head of Toscana Promozione Turistica - is the first Italian region to become an active member of ATTA and to develop such an initiative with the global adventure tourism trade. This is a strategic choice of ours to be involved with the leaders of the sector of tourism most focused on responsible growth. In the field of Adventure tourism, we are not well known yet, but we have considerable room for growth, especially in rural communities throughout Tuscany. We’ll work together for just the right positioning on the international stage». Combining activities such as paragliding, road and mountain biking, white water sports, scuba and climbing with a rich array of cultural experiences make for powerful offerings for adventure tourism in Tuscany. A key aim of the AdventureWeek collaboration will be for Toscana Promozione and the ATTA to co-create and deliver the specialized, commercially viable adventure tourism experiences, so that the attending buyers and journalists are able to promote, sell and report on the Tuscan FAM. «At the ATTA, our interests are in supporting communities worldwide to deliver travel experiences that protect natural and cultural capital and create shared economic value - said Chris Doyle, ATTA Executive Director-Europe - For Tuscany, they have the chance to focus visitor attention on its exceptional adventure experiences, all while helping its rural communities realize the benefits of one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism».